Green Party Candidate for
Vancouver Centre

For more than a decade, Jesse has been involved in our local community, as a long-time community leader and healthcare advocate.


Jesse is running for Parliament because he believes it is time to elect a new generation of voices to Ottawa. As a local renter, community leader, and healthcare advocate, Jesse will firmly advocate for the issues that matter most to our community.

It’s time to support a just transition to a clean economy, and invest in more green jobs, to build more affordable housing, and eliminate systemic poverty.  

It is time to elect a new advocate

to Ottawa.

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It's time we tackle the climate emergency.

Economists and scientists alike have both underscored the magnitude and importance of tackling climate change, as it poses major risks to our natural environment, our society, our economy and our financial system.  


While the Liberal government declared a climate emergency, the very next day they approved a multi-billion dollar pipeline that risks both our economy and environment, and goes against many local communities and First Nations.  


In fact, our local Liberal Member of Parliament has been too quiet on this matter, and even skipped the critical debate and vote on the climate emergency, clearly demonstrating a total lack of interest to represent the views of her constituents. 


The Liberals suggest they’re making polluters pay, yet they’re exempting 90% of pollution, and, they’ve adopted Stephen Harper’s targets for reducing carbon emissions.


Liberals are just Conservatives who Greenwash.


Not only are these targets too low, the Liberals so-called climate action plans will not even achieve that insufficient reduction, let alone the target that scientists say we must meet.


It's time we take climate change seriously and address the climate emergency.


 As Greens, we're committed to: 


  • Passing legislation, requiring a 60 percent cut in emissions below 2005 levels by 2030, reaching net zero in 2050.  


  • Cancelling the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project


  • Eliminating subsidies to fossil fuel industries.


  • Transitioning to 100 percent renewable electricity by 2030.


  • Exempt new and used electric and zero-emission vehicles from federal sales tax.


  • Expand charging stations for electric vehicles, including all parking lots associated with federal facilities.


  • Establishing a dedicated, comprehensive Just Transition Fund for those working in fossil fuel industries. 


  • Establishing a Sustainable Generations Fund to make critical investments in trades, apprenticeships and education required for the transition to a green economy. 


  • Establishing a Green Venture Capital Fund to support viable small local green business start-ups


  • Enhancing the federal Youth Employment and Skills Strategy by creating a Community and Environment Service Corps.

 Together, we can tackle the climate crisis.  


On October 21st, vote for a forward-looking vision.  Vote Green. 

Learn more about the full platform here.