Green Party Candidate for
Vancouver Centre

For more than a decade, Jesse has been involved in our local community, as a long-time community leader and healthcare advocate.


Jesse is running for Parliament because he believes it is time to elect a new generation of voices to Ottawa. As a local renter, community leader, and healthcare advocate, Jesse will firmly advocate for the issues that matter most to our community.

It’s time to support a just transition to a clean economy, and invest in more green jobs, to build more affordable housing, and eliminate systemic poverty.  

It is time to elect a new advocate

to Ottawa.

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It's time to build more affordable housing.

For too long, Liberal, Conservative, and NDP governments have been focused on encouraging homeownership, at the expense of support for co-op housing, rental housing, social housing, and supportive housing.  


The First-Time Home Buyer grant has been criticized for exacerbating housing speculation and commodification.  


The Liberal Housing Strategy does not address Vancouver's immediate core housing needs. Funding for affordable housing will roll out over 15 years, but it is needed now.


It’s time we do things differently.  


The Greens have a plan to immediately tackle our housing affordability crisis through direct investments, tax incentives, and financing options. 


We're committed to: 


  • Legislating housing as a legally protected fundamental human right for all Canadians.


  • Appointing a Minister of Housing to strengthen the National Housing Strategy so that it meets the needs for affordable housing 


  • Strengthening the National Housing Strategy with a focus to build 250,000 new affordable housing units and 150,000 rehabilitated units. 


  • Increase the National Housing Co-investment Fund by $750 million for new builds, and the Canada Housing Benefit by $750 million for rent assistance for 125,000 households. 


  • Developing a new National Co-op Housing Strategy that would update the mechanisms for financing co-op housing, in partnership with CMHC, co-op societies, credit unions, such as Vancity, and other lenders.


  • Re-focusing the core mandate of Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporate (CMHC) on supporting the development of affordable, non-market and cooperative housing.


  • Allocating one percent of GST revenues to housing and other municipal infrastructure to provide a permanent source of funding.


  • Including new and existing housing as eligible infrastructure for federal funding purposes, allowing the Canada Infrastructure Bank to support provincial and municipal housing projects.


  • Providing financing to non-profit housing organizations and cooperatives to build quality housing for seniors, people with special needs and low-income families.


Together, we can tackle our housing affordability crisis. 


On October 21st, vote for a forward-looking vision.  Vote Green. 


Learn more about the full platform here